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For the first time, the Slovensky Cuvac guard dog breed was officially recognized and registered in 1964.

The breed of these guard dogs originates from European shepherd dogs, then was bred in Poland, and received the most active development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There, the breed possessing unique characteristics among dogs of related breeds, was in demand by shepherds in the mountainous regions of the country. The old name of the breed "Slovak Chuvach" was - "Tatra Chuvach". The breed "Slovak Chuvach" is recognized by the international FCI standard. From ancient written sources, cases of battles of these incredibly brave and fearless dogs with bears, wolves, and with an invariable victorious outcome are known. "Slovak Chuvachs" are used in services in the army and police in different countries of the world, including in the USA and Canada.

Description and appearance

The color of the breed is white, without any other shades. Yellowish spots on the coat are not allowed. The coat is short on the head, back and legs. On the neck, the hair forms a mane, as well as the long hair on the tail. The skin color is pink and black in places of the mucous membranes. A large head with a half-nose nose, wedge-shaped. The nose is brown-black, can change to pure black, depending on the seasons. Powerful jaws with scissor bite. Dark oval eyes with black eyelids. Ears are high, hanging almost to the lower jaw. The neck is thick, has the same length as a head with a muzzle. The back is straight, with a wide muscular lower back. Belly and groin tight, broad chest. The angle of the shoulder-blade connection is almost straight. Forelegs are straight with massive wrists. Powerful hips are wide and oblong. The legs are long and strong. The claws are strong, gray. The movement of the breed is a gait. The tail reaches the tarsus in length, fluffy.

Nature and behavior

The dog is fierce in relation to the enemy and has a kind and sensitive heart, in relation to the owner and the animals entrusted to it for protection. “Slovak Chuvach” is an easily trained assistant in household chores. The pet does not cause any problems as a pet, due to its genetic predisposition to the required work and its responsibilities. He easily becomes attached to his owners, while often not highlighting a favorite among family members. The dog has a tenacious mind, a strong muscular body of large size. Daily increased activity and vitality are constant attributes of the breed.

Content Features

It is best to keep the “ Slovak Chuvach ” in a country house, where he will vigilantly cope with his direct duties as a house guard. Food for the dog requires mainly animal origin, such as beef, fish, cottage cheese, milk and eggs. The digestive system of the breed does very poorly with plant foods, but you can’t do without it at all. From time to time, the dog should be given boiled and raw vegetables, as well as fruits and berries. It is useful to feed porridge from rice and buckwheat. It is also worthwhile to ensure that the products do not cause an allergic reaction in the dog.

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